Failure is not an option

I was scrolling through Pinterest like i always do everyday an i came across this picture that said “don’t be afraid to fail be afraid not to try”. So I decided that i will try again to get back to working out everyday. I will get back to putting in those applications for work. I will get back to being the person I once was. With dreams and goals and aspirations. I saw myself going places and doing great things. The time is now! I have to let go of the stress. I have to trust and believe that my son will be alright! He will get into college! He will graduate! He will be successful!. I will be alright! My situation will get better. I won’t be a prisoner in my own mind! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. I will succeed!



Are you involved in your community!

Are you actively involved in your community. So many times I read about whats happening in the community and read so many different opinions about the incident/accident/crime. How many of us on here can say we are actively involved with our community. How about in our school systems? How many can say that they are actively involved in our schools? Are not the schools part of the community? Our community is like our body, you can’t change the outside until you change the inside. What i mean is you can put up a new school but only the building will look good but what about the people that are inside? Do the have the supplies they need to make it when they get on the outside? This a call to action! We need to become more involved with our communities, with our schools, with our local business, with our neighbors! We all have to be a part of the solution! GET INVOLVED! SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING! Don’t wait until it happens to you! Our children are our future leaders, pastors, teachers, bankers , inventors, scientist, presidents, councilmen/women, musicians, athletes, business owners, counselors, educators, deans, principals etc. SAVE OUR CHILDREN!


When you give it to GOD

Sometimes we go through things that is beyond our control, but if your a control anal retentive person such as myself you fell you need to be in control of everything. Well, me (the anal retentive) has been learning to give it to God! So the situation for me is I feel a calling to be of service to our younger generation they are spiraling out of control. There needs are greater than ours. So with that being said I have started to dedicate the vision God has given to me to pursue full time. So I have become a stay at home wife and mom. Well during this venture, my husband has received a cut in pay our bills are spiraling out of control and I was losing faith in my decisions. Well God has not left my side before and I know for sure He won’t leave me now!. I was reminded last night during my ministry leaders class that when you are called by GOD you get taken through a storm but the bible reminds us “not to be anxious about ANYTHING, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God; and the peace of GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7. So i did just that I gave my troubles to God, the ultimate fixer of any situation! Today I have this peace over me that all will be alright. I was worried and started hitting the pavement again looking for a job, but nothing was coming. My sister always says when she ever sees me looking down and out that “the Universe always seems to work in your favor”. This is what she always says to me when things to me aren’t looking good. Well I know that the “universe” is my Heavenly Father” and he has always had my best interest at heart. That is because he loves me and as any father wants whats best for their children. So I say give it to God, whatever troubles come your way and it seems as if there is no way out, be still listen and be direct to God on what it is you want from him to do. Remember you just may get what you ask for. SO I SAY TO YOU GIVE IT TO GOD BUT WHEN YOU GIVE IT TO HIM YOU HAVE TO LEAVE IT THERE AND MOVE OUT OF HIS WAY. If it is meant for you it will be according to His will!.


Raising a young man

Geesh! Raising a young boy to be a man is a challenge, but raising a young black boy to be a man is an extreme challenge. There are things that are happening in society that makes a mother extremely scared for their children. I moved to the suburban area of Chicago so i can remove the elements from the vision of my son. Unfortunately, it surrounds us no matter where you live. When you have social media it is there. I am so sure that you have seen in the news and in the papers the crime and murder rates that happens in this beautiful city of Chicago. So the challenges of keeping him safe

Finding my self

I hear the phrase” I need to find myself”.. What exactly does that mean. Well, what i have noticed that this phrase has been used loosely by people trying to get out of a relationship, or people using it as an excuse to cheat in a relationship. In some cases it is used for people suffering a mental ┬ábreak down. Yes! a mental break down. I also found myself using this term. Not, for relationship purposes but for mental break downs and self esteem issues. These are those times where i need to get away from the world and all it’s anxieties and draw into my own solitude to fight my way out. I know it may sound crazy but sometimes that’s how my mind works. If i can fight my way out of it. I will be alright, but i have to do it alone. My friends and family don’t understand that and i wish they did. So that i can gain that piece of self worth because i conquered and solved a situation by myself.